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Abbey is a 20-something blonde-girl who has survived being smited by God with tetanus for climbing biblical ruins, escaping temporary hostage by jumping from a moving cab in the Middle East, wearing highly questionable footwear while hiking on the edge of Icelandic cliffs in the middle of the winter, and having her wallet stolen right after cashing in on a trifecta win at the Kentucky Derby.

She has also been lucky enough to experience the very best parts of traveling. She has met people who have opened their homes and closed up their businesses to play tour-guide to her, and strangers with kindred spirits who have become lifelong friends. She has celebrated like a local when her neighborhood horse won the Palio in Italy, napped in the gardens of Paris, been allowed to independently drive a carriage through an Egyptian market, stargazed from a campfire in the desert with Bedouins, and celebrated her recent engagement by befriending a bunch of middle aged Norwegian film producers at a jazz show in Istanbul.

A Pacific Northwest native, Abbey currently lives in Washington, D.C, where tries to balance her day job with her wanderlust. When not traveling, Abbey may be found indulging her love for horses, history, live music, and ridiculous hats.


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